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Anthony is a 40 year old  wildlife photographer that grew up in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Anthony's passion for wildlife photography started about 5 years ago. Anthony started to focus strictly on Birds of Prey and more so on Owl Photography.
Anthony has  always had a liking for Owls. The way they look, they fly, their hidden secretive characteristics makes them challenging to photograph.
Anthony's hard work and success started out with a professional wildlife photography contract in the United Kingdom. Magazine cover shots. Primary photographer for Chicago based Owl Eye magazine. Honorable mentions in various contests as well as Black Press finalist for British Columbia's amateur photographer of the year.  Anthony's  owl photography work  has been published in various magazines and cover shots and online news articles. 
Anthony's  idea of wildlife photography is packing his gear into forests where no people have been before. Hiking a quiet forest through various terrain with open ears waiting for a faint call of an Owl. Being alone in a forest looking for owls is the most rewarding feeling. You get the sense of leaving the hectic everyday life behind you while photographing these amazing birds. They truly are mesmerizing with their character like behavior. Making you forget about everything else going on around you. 
Anthony has donated numerous prints and other products to various
wildlife societies across Canada. Silent auctions and other fundraisers to raise funds for wildlife conservation and well being. 
Since doing owl photography Anthony tries his best to give back where he can, Anthony is currently on the raptor pick up list for O.W.L Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Delta BC, Canada.
Anthony feels it's important to give back to the Wildlife he photographs. Conservation efforts and helping where he can is a roll Anthony takes seriously. Wildlife Photography to Anthony is more than just taking pictures. Thinking about conservation is always on his mind.  



 • Editors Favorite in National Geographic's Wildlife photographer of the year contest
• Final Jury stage of the Royal British Columbia Museum for Wildlife Photographer of the year contest
• Canadian Geographic Magazine photo of the week winner
• Editors favorite single image - National Geographic
• Professional Wildlife photography contract in the U.K 2015
• Professional Wildlife photography contract in the U.K 2017
• Black Press Amateur Photographer of the year runner up
• Published in BBC Wildlife Magazine
• Published in Penticton Trail guide

• Published in British Columbia Magazine 2018
• Published in The Owl Eye Magazine - Cover Photos
• Published in The Sun Newspaper U.K 2015
• Published in The Daily Newspaper U.K 2015
• Published in The Daily Newspaper U.K 2017
• Published in The Express Mail U.K 2017
• Clothing Line Sponsorship 
• Various online honorable mentions.
​• Selected for Nikon Canada contact Festival