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Wildlife Photography Tours and Workshops

Basic Camera and Technique Workshop
Buy a new camera and lens? 
Sign up for a 2 hour introduction to camera settings and technique workshop.
This workshop is intended for a beginner photographer 
In this workshop we will go over the basic functions of your new camera and lens. You will gain knowledge of your new gear which will help you prepare yourself for better images. We will go through all the settings and how they work. 
Workshop fee: $125.00 per person
Max group size 3 people
Location: Fraser Valley British Columbia, Canada

Introduction to Wildlife Photography Workshop
Sign up for a 3 hour introduction to Wildlife Photography Workshop
This workshop is intended for the beginner photographer learning about wildlife photography. 
We will go over photographing wildlife ethically, working different angles to get the best image as possible, Using the light to your advantage, Best camera settings for the situation we will be in. 
How to look for wildlife and picking the best time of day to photograph them. We will discuss low light wildlife photography (I have a book called "Low Light Wildlife Photography") camera settings and techniques. We will also discuss the best camera settings for wildlife in action (Birds in flight)
Workshop fee: $175 per person
Max group size 3 people 
Location: Fraser Valley | Vancouver

Introduction to Post Processing
Lightroom | Photoshop

Sign up for this 1 hour tutorial in post processing your images in Lightroom and Photoshop.
In this 1 hour class we will discuss the basics of photo editing your images from a RAW format to a finished Jpeg format ready for printing.

Workshop fee $75​
Online Skype tutorial is also available. 
Location: Fraser Valley | Vancouver | Online



Winter Wildlife Photography Tours

My Winter wildlife photography tours are available for everyone. During these tours we will travel to several locations to photograph wildlife. My Winter tours are intended for my guests to take pictures with little to none camera instructions
(Optional help is always there if you need it)
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ What should I bring ? 

   British Columbia is known for it's beautiful scenery, but it is also known for it's unpredictable weather
Patterns, Sunny for a couple hours then quickly switches to clouds and rain. Being properly prepared for the unpredictable elements the winter season can bring will ensure you a successful photography tour. The terrain we will be walking on will be hard packed gravel paths, Grassy, muddy areas, uneven terrain, at times minimal tripping hazards.
​• SLR Camera Body or 2
• Telephoto Lens 300mm or larger 
• Batteries
• Memory Cards
• Tripod
• Winter clothing
• Rain jacket 
• Earth tone coloured clothing (No bright clothing)
• Rubber Boots
•Waterproof Winter hiking boots (No runners)
• Lunch
• Snacks
• Drinks
• Any other items you want to bring to make yourself comfortable through the tour. 

Client Review 

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you again for hosting such an awesome tour last Saturday. It was a real treat to meet you and to get a glimpse into your life as a wildlife photographer. I would like to offer you this letter of recommendation as I truelly believe the work you are doing is valuable both to the photography community and to the incredible wildlife you document with such care and reverance.
As someone who has recently begun to focus on photography and wildlife conservation, I find it invaluable to have photographers like Anthony around who are willing to guide and mentor others in a responsible and ethical manner. From the moment we started the tour it became clear that the  primary focus was the well being of the animals and that a great deal of time and effort had been put into making our trip an unforgettable experience. Although there is never a guarantee that you will have encounters with wildlife, Anthony's years of experience and countless hours in the field ensured we had our first encounter within minutes of arriving at our first location.
Anthony has a deep understanding of the behaviours of the animals we were observing and he was always willing to share and answer any questions we had. He also happens to be a very skilled photographer and was gracious and open to sharing his techniques for capturing images in sometimes very challenging lighting situations. 
By the end of the day we had seen 3 of the 4 species we had planned on. This speaks volumes to the care, effort and expertise you will have access to when joining one of Anthony's tours. I came away from the day with a deeper understanding of animal behaviour, the time and dedication it takes to track and observe these wild and elusive animals and if that wasn't enough, I also left with a better understanding of my camera.    I'm looking forward to applying the skills and techniques I gained from the tour to my own wildlife journey.
I can't thank Anthony enough for setting such a great example for myself and others to follow. I highly recommend one of Anthony's tours if you are interested in a unique wildlife viewing and photography experience. 

Greg Klein
(Wildlife & Photography Enthusiast, Vancouver BC)


We are pleased to provide this recommendation to you for the nature and owl photography day we took with you. We found you to be very accommodating and quite knowledgeable of the local area and where to find interesting wildlife to photograph. Anthony also was able and quite willing to share his knowledge of cameras and helped us set our cameras up to work more efficiently. We were grateful for that. It was well worth the time and Anthony was friendly and shared our passion and love for nature. We look forward to our next adventure with Anthony and would recommend his tours to anyone.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sean and Brenda - Port Moody, BC

The recent "Winter Birds of Prey Photo Tour" Anthony offered was a wonderful experience and we got to photograph many birds of prey (Red-tailed Hawks, Bald Eagles and Barred Owls, as well as seeing a few American Kestrels). But what impressed me most about the tour was Anthony's knowledge of both photography and birds, which he shared most generously with us. But what really pleased me was his approach to photography. Anthony is all about "the long game" and ethical behaviour: How can you best photograph birds? By knowing where to find them, understanding their habits, being patient and, above all, respecting their "personal space." So long as you have realistic expectations about wildlife photo safaris (and the weather in the Lower Mainland!), you will not be disappointed.

Pierre Cenerelli - North Vancouver